Wouldn't life without music be dull? Music fuses all the senses together, causing a symphony of joy to rise from within the depths of one's soul! In our continuous effort to avoid dullness of any nature, MLZS NEYYOOR supports the integration of music into the school system.

All of us know how young children and older ones alike love music! What all of us do not realize is that there is a strong correlation between early language skills and music - as a group activity, music encourages children to listen and learn words, and sing them to a rhythm. As a memory boosting exercise it cannot be praised enough! English songs, Bhajans, .......both Eastern as well as Western music is enjoyed by our children. Inter House Competitions and regular participation by the children during special Morning Assembly keep the school alive during the much loved music classes!

Result - The MLZS NEYYOOR Music room is a constant buzz of activity humming to the beautiful and joyous sound of music!